Our Impact

Buy Clips, Support Sound

Our mission is to create awareness, unity, and support for people who have hearing loss.

For each clip purchased, BrittsClips will make a donation to Songs for Sound, which provides outreach services to everyone in need of hearing support.

By purchasing a BrittsClips, you share in the passion of our movement and you are directly making a difference in the world of hearing loss. By wearing a BrittsClip, you are normalizing and de-stigmatizing the wearing of hearing loss devices. You are disarming the bullies, informing the curious stares, while promoting the marvels of hearing technology. You are doing for hearing loss what inclusion and awareness do for vision loss and countless other disabilities. And for Britt and the entire hearing loss community, you are projecting a bright light, both literally from your blinking clips, and figuratively from your heart. We are endlessly grateful for your contribution to our mission.

Program Overview

Your purchase will support the following Songs for Sound programs:

Hear the Music Project.

Traveling hearing health experience including no-cost screenings on state-of-the-art kiosks, emailed results and resources, support to access local Audiology, hearing technology demos and more. The Mobile Clinic tours the nation with over 250 event stops every year, providing 10,000 - 15,000 people a year with the following services:

  • No costs hearing tests
  • No cost hearing protection at all events including special partnerships with traditionally loud events (auto races, air shows & more)
  • No cost consultation, kits and connections to the best technology, connections to local hear- ing centers
  • Financial solutions, information on hearing benefits, health insurance navigation and support
  • Hardship programs: When funding is not an option, Songs for Sound supports those in hard- ship connecting them to partners oering no cost hearing aids, cochlear implants, caption- telephones and more
  • Follow Up: Continued follow up through various means of communication for all who opt-in

The Hear the Music Project also includes Public Awareness Events (on topics such as hearing loss prevention, healthy hearing options, etc) and other Community/Engagement Events which target high risk populations (55+ adults, veterans and underserved children) to provide no cost services while engaging community partners in the mission.

For a comprehensive, no cost, interactive hearing health experience follow the tour calendar here.

International Missions.

Bringing audiology and technology to countries in need.

  • Jamaica has little to no resources for hearing and speech solutions for those with hearing loss and deafness. Songs for Sound makes bi-annual trips to equip the children who attend the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf with audiologists and hearing aids. More broadly, Songs for Sound is helping to establish a system of hearing healthcare within the greater Jamaica country.
  • Impact delivered thus far:
  • 120+ hearing aids donated with audiology and speech support
  • 75+ children and staff served with no cost audiology services
  • 6 laptops donated to the school's computer lab
  • Support job placement for graduating deaf students
  • Food and clothing donations
  • Nurse to conduct annual health checks
  • Speech and hearing teams providing support for the children and the teachers